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muay thai classes global vale tudo

Note: All sessions are currently adapted to Covid-19 restrictions

In this Class you will learn the very basics of Muay Thai such as proper stance , steps, punches, elbows,knees and kicks as well how to defend your self in the street or the ring.

I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times."Bruce Lee


Our Advanced Class focuses on Fight Fitness and Ring Skills and is for people with a good amount of experience and those looking to prepare for a Fight or train like fighters.The Advanced  Muay Thai program caters to students who already have a good amount of training experience and also to people with professional fight experience.with a focus on developing fight fitness and ring skills.     




Boxing is a fun way of Global Vale Tudo Combat Sports Academy started boxing classes in 2007 under White Collar Boxing Association.
since then we created lots of champions competing in professional and amateur divisions.

We offer specialized programs for Mixed Martial Arts including Striking,Wrestling, Submission Grappling,Ground and Pound.
Global Vale Tudo is one of the oldest Sports Clubs Registered With with Cyprus Mixed Martial Arts Federation and Cyprus Sports Organization with lots of Cyprus Champions.



Submission grappling (or no Gi) is a hybrid training of various grappling arts. It uses elements of Brazilian jiu-jitsu, judo, sambo, Japanese jiu-jitsu, catch wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling with the goal of controlling and eventually submitting your opponent. Because submission grappling is performed without a Gi or combat kimono, it is directly applicable to mixed martial arts training as well as any hand-to-hand combat situations.


Global Vale Tudo Approach to Submission Grappling

  • Control leading to submission

  • Attack with your whole body / defend your whole body

  • Attack any part of your opponent's body

  • Grappling without the Gi.

With no Gi to grab or hold, submission grappling can be faster and more explosive than Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with the Gi.

While physical attributes can be a plus, our system of submission grappling is built on technical knowledge and body control.

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Our strength and conditioning training routines is scientific designed to provide the ultimate Optimizing sports performance to our customers. Is well known that maximizing athletic performance can only be attained by combining sport participation with an effective strength training and conditioning programs.Global Vale Tudo  Strength Training and Conditioning programs provides to our customers the best they can get in sports enhancement performance either is for competition either is for just training.

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