Head Coach and owner of Global VaIe Tudo Combat Sports Academy, began studying Muay Thai at the early age of nine years old under the guidance of the great fighter and instructor of Muay Thai Art, Master Sushart .In 1997 he oened the first Muay Thai Club in Nicosia at No Pain-No Gain Gym .

In 2001, He spent a month in Thailand training under the supervision of some of the world’s best Muay Thai trainers at the Official World Muay Thai Council Camp (WMC) in Ko Samui. There, he was under the guidance of Master Sok, Master Hanarong(8 times World champion) and the Secretary of  IFMA and Vice President of  WMC,  Stephan Fox. After much hard work and training, he travelled to Kazakhstan, Astana, where he competed and placed third in the World Muay Thai championship, IFMA, with Mark Hunt, the 2001 K-1 World Champion in his corner.


In 2009 he  spent a whole month to the official Muay Thai Institute in Rangsit recognized from the Ministry Of Education of Thailand, training with some of the best masters in Muay Thai like Master Noe Master Moeb Master Moyd and get the official recognized certification of Muay Thai Instructor from the Ministry Of Education in Thailand.


In 2007 he became the official representative for United States Muay Thai Association for Cyprus and Greece.


In 2010 he spent 3 weeks to the official Muay Thai University of Thailand, the Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University recognized from the Ministry of Education in Thailand, training with some of the best masters in Muay Thai like

• Charnchi S. Dharmmarangsri ( Lumpini Stadium Champion in 1985,1986,1987,1989)

• Samrarndej M. Rajabhat Muban Chombueng (Ratchadamnern Stadium Champion in 2002, 2006, 2007,World Muay Thai Council Champion 2009 in Japan.

There he have got the official recognized certification of Muay Thai Instructor from the Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University.


In December 2010 he spent 10 days in Thailand examined by Dr. Sakchye Tapsuwan , the president of IFMA and got certified as Qualified instructor and examiner for IFMA in Cyprus.



In August 2013 he moved to Uk and there I trained with some of the best in Bjj, Grappling and MMA, like

  • NEIL WHITE (BJJ black belt 3rd degree)

  • Danny Mitchells (UFC Veteran, BJJ Black Belt)

  • Kameron Atakuru (Catch Wrestling Instructor, BJJ Black Belt)


In 2015 he created an MMA organization HSG (Hybrid Submission Grappling)

Which is a mixed martial arts system designed by experts in the field of Muay Thai, Judo, BJJ, Sambo and Boxing. We use striking techniques from boxing, kick boxing Muay Thai, as well as techniques from Free Wrestling, Greco-Roman wrestling, catch wrestling judo, Russian Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for take downs, throws, locks, and submissions.

in 2017 he became the first United States Muay Thai Association Grand Master in Europe .

he is  the official Head Muay Thai trainer and coach of the Cyprus Muay Thai National Team since 2004.


he have won many titles in Local and International Area Championships. Some of my titles include:


• National Muay Thai Champion 1998-2010

• UK  National Boxing Champion 2000-2003

• 3rd Place World Championship 2001 A-Class, Astana-Kazakhstan (I.F.M.A.)

• 2nd Place Night of Champions 2001(U.K.)

• 1st Place Thai Boxing Gala 2002 (Cyprus)

• 2nd Place Thai Boxing Gala 2002 (Holland)

• World Kick Boxing Champion 2003 A-Class ( Kos Island ) Greece


he has not only researched training and the art of Muay Thai, but he have also studied ways of producing better athletes, by doing specialized seminars and courses such as cardiovascular seminars and fitness seminars, Judge and Referee Seminars he has achieved certification as an instructor for the following:

• Life Fitness Cardio Muscular and Resistance Training Instructor

• North Academy of Fitness Instructor 

• Arab Muay Thai Federation Judge and Referee

• Arab Muay Thai Federation Recognized Instructor

• International Muay Thai Federation Amateur Judge and Referee (IFMA)

• European Muay Thai Federation Judge and Referee (EMF)

• Cyprus Muay Thai Federation Judge and Referee (CMF)

• Cyprus Traditional Muay Thai Federation Trainer

• Cyprus Traditional Muay Thai Judge and Referee (CMTF)

• International Recognized Kick Boxing A Class trainer (WASKO)

• WK1 International Recognized Instructor with Black Belt and 9 Dan’s (WASKO)

• United States Muay Thai Association Master Instructor

• United States Muay Thai Association Grand Master Master Instructor

• Muban Chombueng Rajabhat University Qualified Instructor 14th Khan

Global Vale Tudo Combat Sports Academy ,3 Gianni Vlachogianni , Nicosia,Strovolos, 2047- +357 99 237 642

3 Gianni Vlachogianni   Street , Strovolos, Nicosia Tel: +357 99 237 642

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