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The International Muay Boran Academy (IMBA) is the first international school devoted to the development of traditional Thai unarmed fighting disciplines (since 1993). IMBA has been created thanks to the dedication of one of the world wide exponents of Muay Thai, the Italian Muay Boran Master Marco De Cesaris in close cooperation with his mentor, thai Grand Master Chinawooth Sirisompan, the office of the Thai Culture Commission, along with the precious support of the International Amateur Muay Thai Federation, IAMTF. In the last few years IMBA has succesfully created a global network of highly qualified Muay Thai instructors all over the world. IMBA associates are welcome to take part to technical seminars held regularly; some seminars are more intensive and devoted to the deeper understandings of ancient techniques (Mae Mai and Look Mai Muay Thai, Chern Muay, Kon Muay techniques) and their application with particular interest to self defense aspects. Courses open to instructors of various levels are frequently organized both locally and internationally and Khan gradings for students and instructors are held on a regular basis. Moreover, sport competition enthusiasts can test their skill in Combat Ram Muay Forms contests, Bare Knuckle fighting or thai Grappling tournaments.

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