We offer a recognized and certified instructors package under the united states muay thai association
with more than 20 years of experience our effective instructors package system will offer you
Muay Thai for beginners , Muay Thai for fighters , Muay Thai for MMA ,self defense for women  
Muay Thai for kids and much more ....

  •     More than 10 world champions trained by us

  •     Learn his successful step-by-step system

  •     Become a member of the oldest Muay Thai association in Europe and Cyprus



  •     Effective student enrollment and student retention

  •     Grading and licensing for your students by USMTA

  •     Add these exciting programs to your existing programs:

  •     Effective private lessons

  •     Thai Weapons

  •     Muay Boran

  •     Muay Thai for MMA

  •     Women’s fitness and self-defense

  •     Fighter classes

  •     Award winning kids program


What Will You Achieve After Completing the Course?

    Certificate affiliated to the (EMTU), European Muay Thai Union, World Muay Thai Council (WMTC), Amateur Muay Thai Association of Thailand (AMTAT), and  International Federation Muay Associations (IFMA) of Bangkok, Thailand.

    Muay Thai International Association License book by USMTA

    Access to the USMTA  internationally recognized and accredited curriculum.

Global Vale Tudo Combat Sports Academy ,3 Gianni Vlachogianni , Nicosia,Strovolos, 2047- +357 99 237 642

3 Gianni Vlachogianni   Street , Strovolos, Nicosia Tel: +357 99 237 642

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