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Coach Christos Menelaou

Coach Christos Menelaou started training in traditional Taekwondo and other various sports I a very young Age, however later on he proceeded to practising mainly MMA and grappling (CSW affiliation) while in parallel training in traditional martial arts such as Ninjutsu and Taekwondo (WTF). When he graduated from high school, he then completed his military duty in the special forces department of Cyprus (Green berets).
Currying on to University while studying Mechanical Engineering in Brunel University he also joined the University’s MMA team with head coach Adam Taggart. Further on after changing his Bachelor’s degree to Bsc Psychology and moving to Newcastle I was training for 2 years in ‘Northen Kings Gym’ under the head coach Craig Jose and also current ONE Championship Athlete Juan Cervantes.
He is currently doing his Bachelors degree in psychology and at the same time he competes in UK in Muay Thai tournaments


He is a part time instructor helping George Constantinou with the kids academy, since his degree in psychology is related with sports psychology as well with kids and sports science .

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